4 Ways Journaling Can Help Your Mental Health

Updated: May 23

One thing I often suggest to my clients is buying a journal. I get mixed responses of "Okay, sure!", "I hate journaling" or "journaling doesn't work for me". I try to encourage clients that are skeptical about journaling to get one and give it a chance.

There are multiple reasons why I suggest journaling and I'll go over a few below:

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Collect your thoughts + feelings in a Journal

A place to dump your stuff

Everyone needs a place sometimes to dump their thoughts and emotions. Journaling can be beneficial when we don't have people to talk to, don't want to have questions or back-talk from supporters but just need to lay our emotions out and forget about them for a little while. Emotions can feel overwhelming and having a journal is a place to jot them down, close the book and put your emotions on a shelf.

Remember the good things