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What is Trauma Informed Therapy in Westchester, NY?

The trauma-informed approach in therapy is a shift in perspective. Trauma-informed therapy doesn't focus on "what's wrong" with you; instead, it shines a light on "what happened" to you. We believe your past experiences, not perceived personal flaws, hold the key to healing.


Traditional forms of therapy focus on present day symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, and work on how to manage those symptoms. But the trauma-informed approach is different. It's recognizing that difficult experiences – abuse, neglect, accidents, childhood challenges – can leave lasting impressions on our minds, bodies, and emotions. It's about approaching you with empathy and understanding, knowing that these experiences do not define who you are, but have shaped your nervous system and how you navigate the world.

At Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling in Scarsdale, NY, we offer:

  • A safe and nurturing environment: Free from judgment and blame, where your story is met with open ears and a compassionate heart.

  • Tailored approaches: We recognize that no two traumas are alike, and your healing journey is unique. We listen, learn, and adapt to your specific needs.

  • Evidence-based techniques: EMDR, Polyvagal Theory, and mindfulness practices can help desensitize triggers, reshape your nervous system and build emotional resilience.

  • Support beyond therapy: We can connect you with additional resources and specialized practitioners for a holistic approach to healing.

Here, you'll encounter empathy, support, and evidence-based tools to navigate the impact of trauma, whether it's PTSD, anxiety, or simply the lingering shadows of difficult experiences. We walk alongside you, respecting your pace and honoring your story.

Click the button below to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

How do I know if the trauma informed therapy approach is right for me?

Have you been to traditional talk therapy before and felt like it didn't really help you?

Many individuals with a history of trauma report feeling stuck - they "know" what to do, but can't actually get themselves to do the things that they know will help them feel better.  There's a disconnect between the mind and body.  Talking can help, but for many, it only gets you so far in your therapy beacuse it only involves the mind.  Evidenced based approaches for trauma, such as EMDR Therapy, integrate body-based elements that go far beyond just talking and encompass a mind-body approach to healing.

Do you struggle with anxiety, flashbacks, or nightmares related to past events?

This could be a sign that unresolved trauma lingers, and trauma-informed therapy can provide evidence-based tools to manage triggers and find emotional peace.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself or others?

Past trauma can often lead to challenges in forming healthy relationships or feeling fully present in your own life. Trauma-informed therapy can help you rebuild trust, reconnect with your emotions, and cultivate self-compassion.

Do you feel judged or misunderstood when trying to share your experiences?

Trauma-informed therapy prioritizes a safe space free from blame, where your story is met with empathy and understanding. This can be crucial for healing, especially if past judgment has caused you to withdraw or isolate.


Do you yearn for greater control over your emotions and reactions?

Trauma can leave us feeling like the past controls our present. Trauma-informed therapy empowers you to understand the impact of your experiences, cultivate resilience, and navigate triggers with newfound confidence.

Ultimately, the decision to explore trauma-informed therapy is a personal one. If you resonate with any of these indicators, or simply feel a pull towards exploring the impact of past experiences in a safe and supportive environment, reach out to us. Our therapists in Scarsdale, NY are here to listen, answer your questions, and guide you towards the healing path that feels right for you.


Remember, you deserve to move beyond the shadows of trauma and reclaim your inner strength. Schedule a free 15 inute consultation with one of our trauma-informed experts in Westchester, NY to see how we can help.

What does the Trauma Informed Therapy Approach Help With?

Benefits of Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Increased relaxation

  • Integration of the mind and body

  • No longer getting triggered when reminded of the trauma(s)

  • Feeling more in control

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved quality of relationships

  • Ability to confidently set boundaries

  • Improved athletic performance

  • Increased meditative state

  • Improved focus

  • Improved creativity

  • Ability to live in the moment

  • Being able to regulate your emotions

  • Improved physical health

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