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eating disorder therapist scarsdale

Therapy for Eating Disorders in Westchester, NY

Do you have a tortured relationship with food? Do you stare at yourself in the mirror, obsessing over every detail of your body?  Do you cycle between obsession and shame?

It sucks to feel at war with yourself. Imagine what it could feel like to finally free yourself from the constant battle with your plate and the mirror.

Using the most effective treatment methods, we help you work through the blocks that are getting in the way of your recovery.

You can fully recovery from an eating disorder. You can gain the control over your life that you've been seeking. And we can help.

Signs that you will benefit from eating disorder treatment 

  • poor self image

  • preoccupation with weight and food

  • unhealthy relationship with food

  • history of trauma

  • frequent dieting

  • extreme mood swings

  • rituals surrounding food and eating habits

  • excessive, rigid exercise regime

  • noticeable fluctuations with weight

  • binging and purging behaviors

  • stealing/hoarding food

  • feelings of disgust after overeating

Working with our eating disorder therapists in Scarsdale, NY

We understand that just because you struggle with an eating disorder does not mean it's all about the food. 

Our therapists meet 1-on-1 to get a full history on your life and background, using the trauma informed care approach.  Doing so allows us to focus on what happened to you, not what is "wrong" with you.


We then come up with a plan to determine the best method to treat the eating disorder (usually a combination of several of our evidence based approaches). 

These approaches help you to process the experiences, thoughts and emotions that are contributing to your behaviors surrounding food and body image.  Doing so helps you fully recover from your eating disorder so you can live your life to the fullest.

Give us a call to find out how we can help.

eating disorder therapist scarsdale

results from eating disorder treatment in Westchester, NY

  • Resolution of trauma that may have contributed to the eating disorder

  • Improved self image

  • Healthy relationship with food

  • Freedom from dieting and food rituals

  • Better physical health

  • Greater sense of control over your life

  • Balanced mood

  • Ability to regulate emotions

eating disorder therapist westchester, ny
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