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Child Therapist in Westchester, NY

Help for Frustrated Parents

Are your kids driving you crazy? Do you constantly think "it shouldn't be this hard?" Are your parental instincts telling you something isn't right?


Difficult behaviors can be traumatic for the entire family. In an accepting environment, we help parents bring a mindful understanding to their child's behavior. This collaborative relationship promotes awareness and helps set realistic and achievable goals for the child. 

Our bottom line is to help your child succeed in the real world, while helping your family life be more peaceful.

How do I know if my child needs therapy in Westchester, NY?

  • difficulty communicating with your children

  • difficulty with setting consistent boundaries with your children

  • frequent fighting

  • constant stressful conversations

  • past experiences of trauma that may be affecting your ability to bond with your child

  • feeling unable to deal with your child's behaviors

  • difference in parenting styles between you and your partner

  • desire to want to understand your child better

Working with our child therapists in Scarsdale, NY

Using a mindfulness approach, we help parents understand why their child behaves the way he or she does.  We also explore the parent(s) history to see if stressful life experiences are impacting his/her ability to confidently parent.  


We then develop a plan for the child and family to overcome the stress and improve the child's behavior. 

Within a few sessions, we help clients (children and parents) achieve a sense of optimism about the future and confidence that they are heading in the right direction.

If you are interested, set up a consultation and we can talk about what you want from therapy and how we can help you and your family.

Results from seeing a child therapist in Westchester, NY

  • Improved communication in your family

  • Understanding why your child behaves in the way he or she does

  • Learning concrete strategies to use with your child to improve their behavior

  • Feeling more confident in your ability to parent

  • Happier and calmer kids with improved emotional regulation

  • Achieving a more peaceful family life

Ready to get started? 
Lauren, Stephanie and Sean are our
child therapy specialists in Westchester, NY
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