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Trauma Therapists in Westchester, NY

Therapy can be very effective for trauma.  Therapy for trauma can help whether you have a diagnosis of PTSD, Depression, Acute Stress Disorder, History of Sexual Abuse, Rape, Childhood Trauma, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, or a Dissociative Disorder.

Anxiety, depression & other signs you may need therapy for trauma

  • Recurring nightmares

  • Panic attacks

  • Depression

  • Chronic pain

  • History of childhood trauma

  • Feeling as if you are re-experiencing the trauma(s), known as flashbacks

  • Thinking about the trauma when you don't want to, called intrusive thoughts

  • Avoiding situations or people that remind you of the trauma

  • Gaps in memory, forgetting all or part of what happened to you, or remembering very little of your childhood

  • Getting triggered by reminders of the trauma or traumas

  • Feeling constantly on edge

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Changes in thoughts and behavior

Working with our trauma therapists in Scarsdale

Do you often feel trapped between knowing how to feel better and acutally being able to improve? Many clients with a history of trauma report feeling "stuck".  

Specific approaches such as EMDR, CBT and Mindfulness Meditation help to achieve a sense of calm and uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck. Take a look at the pages on these approaches to learn more about how they work and if they're a right fit for you.


results from seeing a trauma therapist in Westchester, NY

  • Increased relaxation

  • No longer getting triggered when reminded of the trauma(s)

  • Improved sleep

  • No more intrusive thoughts

  • Resolution of chronic pain

  • Increased meditative state

  • Improved focus

  • Being able to think of the memory without feeling like you're reliving it

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