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Why we don't take insurance...

We purposely are not in network with any insurance company, so we do not directly bill insurance. (Read our article on Therapy Fees!​)


Doing so requires us to give you a mental disorder diagnosis and stays on your permanent health record.  You shouldn't have to be labeled as having something "wrong" with you for needing a little support (which we ALL do!) 


Then, for them to continue paying for therapy, we would have to write treatment reports saying that you're still sick and not getting better. That's just not how we operate.  We believe in our clients own innate ability to heal and move forward. 

2024 rates for our clinical staff are as follows:



Sessions of longer duration can be pro-rated. This is based on our education, efforts, time and commitment to our clients.  The love and compassion we have for our clients is totally free.

Do You Have Out Of Network Benefits?

Some clients are able to receive reimbursement using their out of network benefits. 

Not sure if you have this benefit? Call your insurance company and ask:

  • Do I have out-of-network coverage for outpatient behavioral health?

  • What is my deductible and how much of it has been met?

  • What is the reimbursement rate for a therapy session, using the following codes:

    • 90834 for 45 minute session​

    • 90837 for 60 minute session 

    • If you're seeking double sessions of 90 minutes for EMDR Therapy, you can ask if your insurance company reimburses for sessions of this duration (some do, some don't) If so, ask them which add-on code they require for billing purposes.

  • Do I need preauthorization?

We're happy to assist in contacting your insurance company and verifying out of network benefits if you need some help!  Give us a call and we'll help you figure it all out so you can get started with one of our mental health therapists in Westchester, NY!

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