5 Signs that your Teen may be Struggling with an Eating Disorder

Updated: Aug 5

eating disorders
See the signs of an Eating Disorder

“Eating disorders are serious but treatable mental and physical illnesses that can affect people of all genders, ages, races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, body shapes and weights.” https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/what-are-eating-disorders

Teens struggle with LOTS of things during their adolescent years and food, exercise, shape/weight could be amongst those. Below are a list of warning signs that may indicate that your teen is struggling with disordered eating or an eating disorder.

1. Obsessed with Health

If your teen has a new found interest in all things health, it may be something to keep an eye on. Eating disorders love categorizing foods as “good or bad”, “healthy or unhealthy” and learning nutrition facts and diets fads may be a way that eating disorder thoughts are presenting in your child’s life.

2. Excessive/Rigid Exercise To follow point #1, if your teen is exercising more than usual or is very persistent on sticking to their exercise routine, this may be an early warning sign. Eating disorders tap into a person’s perfectionistic tendencies, natural need for routine and take over. Exercise in eating disorders is typically known as a compensatory behavior and is used to “make up” for eating something.