How to Help Your Relationship Survive COVID

Invest in Your Relationship

Therapists are seeing clients virtually throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. It's normal to fight more during these stressful times, because partners are spending much more time together. However, if there were pre-existing issues in a relationship, they could be getting exacerbated right now, putting an already fragile relationship into crisis mode. A couples therapist can help to navigate those conflicts and help improve the interaction between you and your partner.


Talk to each other!! What a concept, huh? Communication is at the core of any healthy relationship. And be aware of how you communicate. If you're yelling or making passive aggressive comments, your communication style may need a little work. Remember that you are teammates in a relationship. You both want the same thing in the relationship - to be loved, cared for and to get along.

Space & Self-Reflection

It's not "normal" to be on top of each other ALL the time! So it's perfectly okay, and helpful, to get some space to yourself. We've all heard the age old saying before, you can't be happy in