Stories of Hope, Education and Inspiration: A four-part series from Eating Disorder Therapists

This blog post is a 4-Part Series of stories shared by clinicians that specialize in working with clients struggling with eating disorders. Kate, Jane, Rachele and myself are all passionate about our work for various different reasons and we all share a mission: bring awareness and support to the eating disorder community.

My hopes for this series are that it brings people struggling with eating disorders faith - that recovery is possible, validation - that what you are struggling with is real and valid and courage - to get the help that you deserve. I hope that for people who do not struggle with eating disorders is that this series brings awareness, education and compassion towards those who are.

Stephanie Polizzi, LMHC, Eating Disorder Specialist

I work with teens and adults struggling with their relationship with food, their body-image and their self-esteem. I myself did not struggle with an eating disorder, however, I have struggled in my own ways with my mental health. I am starting this series with sharing my own story of how and why I became a therapist working with clients who struggle with eating disorders.