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Unlock Your Potential: 4 Reasons to Hire a Holistic Life Coach in 2023 in Westchester, NY

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could unlock a new level of wellness, understanding and self-love?

Are you wanting to strive for more motivation and fulfillment?

Have you tried many different approaches but still feel trapped in a cycle of doubt and struggle?

Are you unsure where to start?

(by the way, you really have all the answers, I promise!)

What if there was someone who was trained to help guide you through this journey towards your life's purpose?

As a certified holistic coach, I’m here to show you that incredible lasting transformation is absolutely possible. I will help you to navigate and co-create a fresh, new journey of self-love, a better connection to yourself and others, as well as, manifest what your purpose is on this earth!

What is a Holistic Life Coach Exactly?

A Holistic Life Coach considers the whole person at the four levels of well-being--mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is focusing from the inside out, creating balance and improving overall well-being. Through a holistic lens and with a heart centered approach, a holistic coach will guide you to bond the internal and external parts of YOU to help shift your perspective and have amazing things come into your life!

Here are 4 reasons to start off the new year by hiring a Holistic Coach:

1. The Four Levels of Holistic Coaching:

When partnering with a Holistic Coach, we take the four levels of well-being into consideration. This is so important as each part of you is interconnected, inside and out! These four levels of holistic coaching are:

  • The Mental Level - Mindfulness, Assessing limited beliefs, Focus Excerises, Mental Breaks, Goal-setting

  • The Emotional Level - Creativity, Affirmations, Emotional Dialoging, Humor, Music/Arts

  • The Physical Level - Breathing, Sleep, Nutrition, Stretching, Movement, Sexual Health

  • The Spiritual Level - Rituals, Prayer, Meditation, Nature, Sacred Spaces, Self Forgiveness, Intuition

When we focus on the whole person, we can uncover what may be blocked, stuck or getting in the way. When you start to see areas of your life that can be shifted to a more optimal state you will see huge transformation, more clarity, joy and a better sense of fulfillment.

2. Fall In Love With Yourself

We are all unique souls living our lives and sometimes we forget how beautiful we really are! We all have different qualities, talents, likes, dislikes and ways we get motivated. We look, talk and feel different. With compassion and empathy, we can work together to get to know your truth and acknowledging your limiting beliefs where you can shine your light brighter than you thought. You are magic. You are YOU! And there is no one else that is like YOU! We will focus on going from healing to coping to thriving, where you level-up your inner awareness and grow to love yourself.

3. Accountability and Guidance

Accountability is such an important aspect of coaching. A Holistic Coach is a perfect support to be your guide to tap into wonderful insights and a new perspective on your life. When we partner together, you will have someone to keep you on track with your goals, setting clear deadlines and helping you stay focused on what you want.

Through mutual accountability, we will motivate and facilitate growth that serve both short and long-term objectives while keeping your focus on making them a reality - no excuses! With expert guidance, it's possible to find renewed inspiration along with action plans for achieving new endeavors, practices and changes you have always wanted to make.

4. Becoming More Present

In each coaching session you will be asked powerful questions to evoke awareness of how you will get what you want. As a holistic coach, we hold a safe space for you and maintain a significant presence to enable us to dive deep at a soul level for incredible insights and discoveries. We want you to feel complete and grounded at the end of each session and take that feeling way beyond.

From a heart centered place, a holistic coach supports an individual on their journey to their own truth with tools and techniques to implement into all aspects of their life and ultimately prosper and live the life they truly desire.

Holistic Coaching is about focusing on YOU to walk on your unique path. It's time to live the life you truly want! What are you waiting for? Get started now!


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Michele Veglia is a Certified Holistic Coach at Peaceful Living Mental Health Practice in Scarsdale, NY.

Shel believes that everyone has potential to create what they want to experience in their lives. Shel loves working with individuals that are excited to shine a light on their soul's desires and are ready to transform.

Shel is available for morning, afternoon and evening appointments virtually or in-person in our Scarsdale, NY office Monday - Friday. She is able to provide virtual coaching sessions nationwide as well as internationally.


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