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Life coaching

Holistic Life Coaching in Westchester, NY

What is it YOU truly want?

Do you ever wonder what your body, mind, spirit are telling you?

Do you listen to your intuition? 

Holistic Coaching brings forward the whole person at the four levels - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. In a co-creative space, coaching will transform you to live the life you absolutely desire. 

Through Holistic Coaching, you create change from the inside out. When you look within yourself, you are able to find your truth.

Healing happens in a loving and supportive space, without judgment, shame or guilt. Coaching focuses on supporting you and helping you move from surviving to thriving.

Transformation is a process NOT an event! This process will unfold naturally with time, consistency and patience.

The overall goal of holistic coaching is to create well-being and fulfillment in all areas of life that are important to YOU!

Signs that you will benefit from working with a holistic life coach

  • lacking motivation

  • letting limited beliefs hold you back 

  • focusing is a challenge

  • looking for more clarity

  • create more mental space for growth

  • feeling lost and stuck

  • have a vision, but no plan

  • build stronger relationships

  • want to boost your self confidence

  • looking for a change 

  • break unhealthy habits

  • strive for more fulfillment

Outdoor Meditation

Results from working with our expert holistic life coach in Scarsdale, NY

  • positive mindset growth

  • tuning into your inner being

  • transformation inside out 

  • feeling inspired to take the next steps for your own personal growth

  • fall in love with yourself

  • create more mental space and clarity

  • set goals and organize plans 

  • better daily and lifelong habits

  • step into your truth

  • increased self esteem

  • release limited beliefs

  • sense of calm

  • living in your JOY

Holistic Life Coaching Packages

Awakening Package


Perfect for those who:

  • Feel stuck in their comfort zones

  • Need a jump start on life

  • Have some idea on their direction but looking for help to get started

  • Want to release limited beliefs

  • Need a fresh new perspective



What to expect:

  • Shift your perspective to a more positive mindset 

  • Gain clarity on what you truly want

  • Become more confident in taking the next steps

  • Create a concrete vision of your goals so you have a solid map to get you going on your journey

4 weekly sessions

Support and Accountability between sessions


Package Total: $1000

$100 OFF when purchased in full

Expansion Package


Perfect for those who:

  • Are looking for a plan to begin a new phase in life

  • Would like guidance to dive a bit deeper and tap into more about yourself

  • Looking to create daily practices of mindfulness 


What to expect:

  • Everything included in the Awakening Package +

  • Exploring and improving on all areas of your life by working with the 4 pillars of holistic coaching: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual

  • Cultivate mindful daily practices

  • Improved relationships and a deeper connection with yourself

6 weekly sessions

Support and Accountability between sessions



Package Total: $1,500

$250 OFF when purchased in full



Perfect for those who:

  • Have the desire to transform and create a more fulfilling life experience 

  • Want to uncover their soul's journey and connect to their inner guidance

  • Are ready to tap into their limitless, true potential and purpose

What to expect:


  • Everything included in the Awakening and Expansion packages +

  • Exploring and improving the          8 dimensions of wellness

  • Focus on raising your vibration

  • Hone your intuition 

  • A deep dive into your purpose and true calling

  • Gain techniques to manifest your dreams

12 weekly sessions


Support and Accountability between sessions


Package Total: $3,000

$250 OFF when purchased in full


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