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Try this Technique if You're Stressed or Anxious!

Do you often feel stressed or anxious? Do you need a technique or skill that can help in the moment?

Then here's tip for your anxiety that will help! It's called the 5-4-3-2-1 and it's an amazing mindfulness skill that can help promote relaxation and decrease stress.

When your heart is racing or you feel like there's an elephant sitting on your chest, stop everything you're doing and do the following:

Name 5 things you can see.

Name 4 things you can hear.

Name 3 things you can smell.

Name 2 things you can touch.

Name 1 thing you can taste (even if what you taste is nothing).

Then take a long, deep breath and just soak in all of those things that you noticed with your five senses.

Do you feel better now? Leave a comment if you find this helpful or want to learn more ways to improve your stress and anxiety!


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