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Tips for Using EMDR with Structural Dissociation

Huge thank you to Patricia Bianca Torres for spending some time with Dana to chat about EMDR, Structural Dissociation and important tips that all EMDR Therapists need to know.

In this video about EMDR & Complex Trauma, you will learn:

An overview of Complex Trauma and Structural Dissociation

What questions you should be asking in your History Taking

How to identify dissociation in clients (hint: it may not present in the way you would expect)

Helpful techniques, such as ego state therapy, to integrate EMDR with this population to promote stabilization and improve reprocessing

How to work with the perpetrator introject to improve reprocessing efficacy

...and much more!


Patricia Bianca Torres is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT, EMDR Certified Clinician and EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

She has a passion for helping other EMDR Clinicians who are looking to strengthen their skills as an EMDR Therapist through individual and group consultation. Patricia also offers monthly study groups focused on Complex PTSD and Dissociation.

Her practice, Empowered Through EMDR, is located in Fullterton, California.


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