Pt 3 - Stories of Hope, Education and Inspiration: A four-part series from Eating Disorder Therapist

Rachele O'Hare, LMSW, Eating Disorder Therapist

Rachele O'Hare, LMSW is truly a one-of-a-kind person who I have had the joy of working with at my time at Monte Nido & Affiliates. Rachele is also a recovered professional who continues to work with clients struggling with an eating disorder.

Meet Rachele

Rachele is a therapist specializing in treatment of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, self harm, trauma and addiction. She recently left her full time job at the residential level of care to venture into full time private practice and is so excited about! Two important things about Rachele that she wants you to know are: she is from Chicago and she has a dog named Nibbler.

What was it like recovering from an eating disorder?