How does EMDR work?

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

An estimated 40 million adults in the United States, 18% of the population, suffer with an anxiety disorder. 8.2% of the adult population struggle with a form of depression. (ADAA 2016)  

If you do the math, that’s 26.2%…over 1/4 of the US adult population!  In children, the statistic is 1 in 8. (ADAA 2016) The numbers are staggering.

Prescription medication is usually the first line of defense for treating these disorders. But anxiety and depression are also symptoms of unresolved traumatic experiences.  Medications have their place and have helped a lot of people feel better.  They are proven to improve anxiety and depression by altering hormone and chemical levels, thus improving your mood. But medication does NOT heal trauma.