The 3 Best Grounding Skills for Anxiety

Updated: Apr 6

Grounding techniques are enormously helpful when dealing with anxiety. Grounding techniques are used to help your body and your mind slow down when your anxiety has gotten the best of you. They are used to distract your mind from whatever is overwhelming it. Grounding strategies can typically be done within a few minutes. Some of them may take a little getting used to, so I definitely suggest testing these out and practicing them when you are not in a hyper-aroused state. Practicing them when you are calm increases the chance they will work when you are anxious.

3 Techniques for Grounding Yourself Are

Use your 5 Senses

This skill has you use all five senses for you to remain in the present moment when you are struggling to stay focused or are triggered by something. You want to move through the senses in a descending order and naming items that fit each sense.