Grief and How You Can Cope With It...

Grief, depression,
Grief can be overwhelming

Merriam - Webster’s definition of grief is “a deep sadness caused especially by someone’s death; a cause of deep sadness.” What I want to say to Merriam - Webster is “you’re not even close”.

Grief is a complex emotion. Grief encompasses: anger, sadness, frustration, hurt, guilt, regret and shame. It isn’t something easy to understand. It doesn’t go away in a day, and it hits you hard at random times.

Grief is not only experienced by the death of a loved one but also experienced when we lose a job, have a relationship different than what we expected, have a plan for the future that is suddenly changed: experiencing anything that turns our sense of self, safety and control upside down.

The big question is - what do we do when we experience grief? There is no one right answer to this; experiencing grief is very individualized but here are some suggestions:

Feel it, don’t ignore it