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Signs of Impaired Integration

What is Integration?

Integration occurs when a traumatic memory has been properly stored in your brain.

A traumatized brain struggles to integrate traumatic experiences into correctly stored memories.

Signs of impaired integration


Things always need to be done a certain way. Difficulties with mental and emotional flexibility. Seeing things in black and white. All or nothing thinking.


Being in a constant state of chaos feels like you’re always in crisis management mode. When stuck in a constant state of chaos, you’re unable to access calm, which can have a significant impact on your physical health, too.

It’s important to remember that PTSD is a brain injury, so trauma focused therapies, such as EMDR, work to promote integration of traumatic memories so that they are correctly stored on your brain.

The result? Changes in your thoughts, feelings and behavior. No more black and white thinking. No more constant crisis. Finally feeling about to access and maintain a calm state.


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