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How to Relieve Burnout

Updated: May 23, 2021

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Burnout is a reaction due to prolonged stress that can leave you feeling emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. Everyone experiences burnout after a while, even your child. Burnout can be hard to pick up on because we live in such a high-performing society, that being stressed at work (or home) almost feels normal sometimes. However, there are things to look out for and ways help relieve burnout.

Signs of Burnout

  • Isolation - If you notice you are spending (or craving) more and more time alone that isn't typical for you.

  • Decreased Motivation - Doing any type of work feels exhausting and you have less motivation to do work/home tasks

  • Irritable - Feeling more agitated or noticing that you are being short with people

  • Irregular Sleep Patterns - Not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much

  • Lack of Concentration - Being easily distracted or noticing that your work does not hold your attention for too long

  • Fatigue - Mentally, emotionally and physically feeling exhausted

  • Low Mood - Overall feeling of a dip in your mood, feeling flat or down

How to relieve Burnout

  • Take a break - Try to take small breaks throughout the day to give yourself time to breathe

  • Tag in some help - Try asking colleagues, family or friends for a little extra help and support while you are taking space for yourself

  • Spend a little extra time on you - Do something for yourself that allows you to gain some energy back

  • Family and friends - See your favorite people for some extra love and attention, we all need that sometimes

  • Take the day off - I know it's tough to take a day off of work but if you can swing it, do it

I hope this quick guide helps! If you are experiencing some or all of these stresses, Reach out for support if you need, we are here for you.

By Stephanie Polizzi, LMHC


Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling


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