5 Reasons Why Therapy IS for Everyone: Breaking the Stigma of Going to Therapy

Updated: Apr 6

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Breaking the Stigma of Going to Therapy

Historically, seeing a mental health therapist was always seen as taboo. You needed to have something “wrong” with you to go see a “shrink” and you weren’t allowed to tell anyone that you were seeing a therapist or they would think you were “crazy”. A lot of movies or TV shows would depict therapy sessions as the client laying on the couch and the therapist asking “how does that make you feel?”. Thankfully, we have moved away from the image and stigma that therapy is only for “crazy” people.

Although the evolution of mental health care has gained speed over the years, there is still a lot to be done. Going to a therapist needs to be as normal as going to a doctor for a check-up or the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. I feel one of the biggest blocks that prevent people from seeking therapy and fuels the stigma is not knowing what they need therapy for. People feel that they need to have BIG problems to go to therapy or that something really BIG needed to happen to them. I’m here to inform you: that i