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ptsd therapy for police

Therapy for first responders in Westchester, NY

100% confidential so you can get the help you need without feeling like your job is on the line.

You've risked your life to help others.  But the things that you've seen in the line of duty continue to haunt you.

You can't get the images out of your mind.  You have trouble sleeping and it's affecting the quality of your relationships. But you're told to toughen up and just deal with it.

The reality is that it's unimaginable to think that you wouldn't be affected from the experiences you have witnessed, no matter how many times you tell yourself to get over it.

Trauma informed therapy for first responders can help you overcome the things you've seen so that you can start feeling like yourself again.

Signs that a first responder will benefit from therapy 

  • Flashbacks 

  • Feeling like people, places or things around you are not real.

  • Changes in your personal relationships

  • Changes in personality (more irritability, flying off the handle more than usual.)

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

  • Exaggerated startle response

  • Feeling depressed, down, or numb

  • Avoiding people and places that may remind you of triggers

  • Social isolation

  • Feeling disconnected from your body

  • Thoughts of self harm or suicide

How does therapy help first responders?

Our therapists understand the unique perspective of being a first responder and how that can impact your daily life.  Years on the job can shape how you think, feel and act, and not everyone understands how different you may feel. Therapy for first responders offers a safe, confidential and objective environment


Our trauma therapists meet 1-on-1 to help first responders understand how traumatic events can have a significant impact on the brain, so you can stop feeling like you're crazy.  We then work together to help you process those traumatic experiences, using approaches such as EMDR Therapy, so you can fully recover and get the old you back.


Give us a call to find out how we can help.

therapy for first responders results in Westchester, NY

  • Relief from recurring thoughts and images that you can't get out of your mind

  • Gaining a better understanding how PTSD changes your brain

  • Improved sleep

  • Feeling like yourself again

  • Feeling secure knowing that someone actually understands what you're going through

  • Improvement in the quality of your relationships

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