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What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy used to treat anxietydepression, and trauma, among others.  CBT is an evidenced based therapy, used with children, teens, and adults, that focuses on making connections between thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  The premise of CBT is that thoughts influence feelings and behaviors; behaviors influence feelings and thoughts; and feelings influence thoughts and behaviors.


In order to effectively improve your feelings and behaviors, you have to understand how your thoughts are affecting you.  Changing thoughts and behaviors can drastically change how you feel.

How do I know if CBT is right for me?

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Phobias

  • Chronic Pain

  • Panic Disorder

  • Eating Disorders

  • PTSD

  • History of trauma

  • ...and more...

How do I know if CBT is working?

  • Improved mood

  • Increased awareness of your own thoughts

  • Ability to change negative thought patterns so you feel better

  • Ability to finally change unhelpful behaviors

  • Increased joy

  • Sense of relief and understanding 

How does CBT work?

Using the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, our therapists will help you identify what thoughts and behaviors are contributing to your undesirable feelings (despair, hopelessness, worry, etc).  We work to identify common triggers that contribute to negative thoughts and help you to change your way of thinking.

By replacing negative thoughts with healthy thoughts, you will finally be able to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression and take charge of your own life again.

Sessions range from 45-90 minutes.  On average, clients are usually seen once a week or every other week.  Clients can expect to be in therapy for about 5 - 20 sessions to achieve results from counseling sessions.

How effective is CBT?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the best-researched, evidenced based, most effective psychotherapy treatments for a wide range of issues. CBT has been proven highly effective for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, relationships, and other issues. 

Is CBT right for everyone?  No.  In our experience at Trauma Therapists, CBT is not always enough.  That is why we specialize in EMDR Therapy, which is a great next step when CBT is not enough to help you reach your goals.

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