How much is "Normal" to know about Your Therapist?

The Therapeutic Relationship

The relationship between client and therapist can sometimes feel strange. I’ve heard some clients and friends who go to therapy say - “I don’t want my therapist to judge me”, “If I know more about their life, I may judge myself or not feel good enough”, “I know nothing about you but I’m expected to share my whole life with you”, “It feels selfish not to ask you about your life”, and other varying thoughts.

The beauty of the client - therapist relationship is that when it has a strong foundation, it can foster great progress in therapy. Some may say that the therapuetic relationship is the most important factor for change to take place.

It may seem unnatural, at first, to tell all of your deepest thoughts to this person and potentially know nothing about them. But this is definitely something that you can process with your therapist.

I can only speak for myself, but, I know that the relationship can feel awkward and I want to ease that awkwardness and anxiety for my client. I may sometimes even ask my clients if they have any questions about me or what information they might need from me to make them feel more comfortable.

Personally, I’ve told my clients my age, my birthday, how many siblings I have, what my favorite musi