How Mindfulness Can Improve Anxiety

Updated: May 7, 2019

Mindfulness can be described as an ability to be fully present and aware of the existing moment, without interpreting or judging it. Practiced through meditation, mindfulness exercise can help you become aware of your negative, self-critical thoughts. Moreover, mindfulness can increase your optimism, boost your mood and improve your self-image.

How can Mindfulness help you Overcome Anxiety?

It is completely normal to feel worried, nervous or afraid from time to time. Most of us experience these feelings daily. However, an anxiety disorder is quite different from normal feelings of apprehension or fear. Anxiety includes a non-specific feeling of discomfort that doesn’t have the real reason and is rather related to the perceived or future threat.

When you are lost in constant worry, it's easy to mistake your worries and fears for facts, instead of recognizing that they are just your thoughts. When your negative thoughts become SO real, they provoke an emotional and physical response, known as anxiety.