5 Ways to Afford Mental Health Therapy

Finding a therapist is hard enough. And it's no secret that good therapy isn't always available to all, especially those who have limited financial means. I'm not blind to the fact that our system is completely flawed when it comes to how mental health are regarded in general; but for now, my frustration will be saved for advocacy outreach work with people who need hear these frustrations as well.

Ways you can access mental health if money is a concern are:

1. Ask for a sliding scale

Ask a therapist if they have a sliding scale - many do have some slots on their schedules for reduced rates for individuals with no insurance or limited financial means.

2. Ask your insurance company for a Single Case Agreement

Due to the ongoing mental health crisis all over, individuals everywhere are finding it difficult to find therapists who are taking new clients. And many don't take insurance. Luckily, some can still access care if they have out of network benefits. But what if you don't have that? That's where the single case agreement comes in.

A single case agreement is a contract between an insurance company and an out-of-network provider (like a therapist) to ensure that individuals can access the help they need that is essential for their health and