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5 Ways to Afford Mental Health Therapy in Westchester, NY

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Finding a therapist is hard enough. And it's no secret that good therapy isn't always available to all, especially those who have limited financial means. I'm not blind to the fact that our system is completely flawed when it comes to how mental health are regarded in general; but for now, my frustration will be saved for advocacy outreach work with people who need hear these frustrations as well.

Ways you can access mental health if money is a concern are:

1. Ask for a sliding scale

Ask a therapist if they have a sliding scale - many do have some slots on their schedules for reduced rates for individuals with no insurance or limited financial means.

2. Ask your insurance company for a Single Case Agreement

Due to the ongoing mental health crisis all over, individuals everywhere are finding it difficult to find therapists who are taking new clients. And many don't take insurance. Luckily, some can still access care if they have out of network benefits. But what if you don't have that? That's where the single case agreement comes in.

A single case agreement is a contract between an insurance company and an out-of-network provider (like a therapist) to ensure that individuals can access the help they need that is essential for their health and well-being.

To get a single case agreement approved, you typically have to demonstrate:

  • Speciality - The therapist offers a speciality that is unique to your needs that no other in-network therapist can provide. For example, you're seeking an EMDR Therapist in Scarsdale, NY, but no therapists on your plan are trained in EMDR Therapy.

  • Location - There is no other mental health therapist in your area that is closer in proximity and takes your insurance. For example, if you're looking for a child therapist in Scarsdale, NY, but there are none on your plan in that area, you may qualify for a single case agreement.

  • Cost - The therapy you will get from this therapist will reduce the cost to you, as the client, in some way, such as reducing in-patient hospitalization or decreasing the need for medications.

  • You cannot find the same level of care from an in-network therapist. You've tried the other therapists that take your insurance, but it either hasn't been a good fit, or they cannot provide the type of therapy, like EMDR Therapy, that you are seeking.

If you have insurance, but no one in your area is accepting new clients or is offering the type of help you need, ask for a SINGLE CASE AGREEMENT. Some therapists may be able to accept this, in which case, your insurance company would cover the service on an out-of-network basis. It requires a little extra paperwork and back and forth with your insurance company, but it's worth it to get the support you need.

3. Call the NAMI Helpline

NAMI is a wonderful organization that can connect you with other mental health resources that match your needs. 800-950-NAMI

4. Text the CRISIS Hotline

4. Text TALK to 741741 if you are in crisis and need support right away.

5. Educate yourself!

There is SO much information out there (some good, some not so good lol) to help you wherever you are at in your healing journey. And psychoeducation is a huge part of the therapeutic process since it provides insight that's important for your healing. After all, knowledge is power! So get a jump start on that by doing some of the work yourself.

Click here for my list of book recommendations for trauma healing and EMDR therapy to get you started.

You are NOT alone. There are supports available, but we all need some help finding them!


Looking for a trauma therapist in New York, Connecticut or Florida?

Our therapists at Peaceful Living Mental Health Counseling, in Scarsdale, NY, are experts in trauma informed therapy. We are able to provide EMDR Therapy virtually to all residents of New York, Connecticut and Florida. Prefer to see an EMDR Therapist in person? Our counseling office is located in Westchester, NY are all of our mental health counselors are seeing clients in person as well.

Give our office a call at (914) 222-3983 or email us at to schedule your free consultation.


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